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1 día atrás

RT @teleSURtv: #Venezuela | Pres. Maduro: It's time for courage and resistance to fascism The pres. reported that he maintains active communication with Pres. Evo Morales, "Mexico and the Puebla Group have protected [...]

1 día atrás

RT @PresidencialVen: "They were going to kill Evo Morales Ayma, believing they were going to kill a people. Neither Nazis, nor fascists, nor racists, nor traitors will be able to stop the course of the struggle of the Bolivian people. It's [...]


12 horas atrás

Venezuela stands with the people of the US in their fight for #freedom. The US deserves a safe, democratic and prosperous future with social justice. For peace and against domination: #NoMoreTrump. The oppressed people of the US deserve to thrive in an country free of supremacy.

12 horas atrás

Venezuela acompaña al pueblo estadounidense en su lucha por #freedom. EEUU merece un futuro seguro, democrático, próspero y con justicia social. Por la paz y contra la dominación, #NoMasTrump. Los oprimidos de EEUU merecen prosperar en un país libre de supremacismo.


4 días atrás

. @jaarreaza We denounce these new calls and interfering actions of U.S. government to promote a coup d'état in Venezuela. Several of its political and military spokespersons, acting with the coup right-wing, are preparing violent operations with false flags in the coming hours.

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5 días atrás

#NEWS | President Maduro denounces that Evo Morales is in danger and calls for international mobilization


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