Venezuela reaches 80% of vaccinated against COVID-19 - MPPRE

Venezuela reaches 80% of vaccinated against COVID-19

Venezuela reached 80% of its population vaccinated against COVID-19, reported the Sector Vice-president of Social and Territorial Socialism, Mervin Maldonado, in a statement to the media, and they hope to achieve 90% of the people immunized by the end of this month.

“The call is for all those people who have not yet been vaccinated, from the age of 2, our youth and adults can be vaccinated for free. There are more than 2,800 points nationwide where they can attend from Monday to Sunday”, said Maldonado.

Regarding the food area, Maldonado highlighted that 7 million people are served monthly in the country through the Local Supply and Production Committees (Clap) and 6,700 tons of the protein distribution program have been added to that.

He specified that this week 776 Ferias del Campo Soberano (Government Food Fair Program) were held, in which 2 million 733 thousand 286 families were attended.

He specified that the aforementioned program reached 94.35% presence in the different levels of education facilities in the country.