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President Maduro calls to consolidate Latin American unity

“We have to consolidate the path we have traveled”, emphasized the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, pointing out the need to strengthen the integration mechanisms of Latin America and the Caribbean in the face of the oligarchy’s pretensions to divide the region.

“We have to consolidate it within the rebellion against injustice, inequalities and manipulation that our people have obtained throughout history”, he stressed.

From the Field of Carabobo, located in the homonymous state, he indicated that world leaders must bet on the building of a free homeland in line with the ideal of the Liberator Simón Bolívar, who understood that “no one will be able to build their independence on their own”.

“Either we are all free or no one is free, either there is a Latin American and Caribbean homeland for everyone or there is no homeland for anyone, that was the Liberator’s proclamation. For us the Homeland is America, that is why when we, Bolivarians, speak of the Great Homeland we speak of the sublime and greatest love to which we must dedicate our whole lives”, he stressed.

In this sense, the dignitary regretted that the extremist policy of the House of Nariño caused the separation of Colombia and Venezuela, the epicenter of the dream of the Great Homeland of the Liberator Simón Bolívar.

“We have never been so separated from Colombia -in 200 years- as we are now, the product of a criminal policy and the hatred of the Colombian oligarchy. How much is it going to cost to heal the hatred, the wounds and reunify the Great Homeland from the rebellious spirit of the people of Colombia and Venezuela?”

He stressed that, despite the destabilization maneuvers that are being woven abroad against Venezuela, “we have arrived in Carabobo free, undefeated as yesterday and invincible forever. We have resisted hard and we have come after the attacks and the lies”, he said.