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President Maduro: ‘The Cold War world must stop’

In an interview with Blomberg, U.S. news agency, President Nicolás Maduro talked about the hegemony applied by the U.S. Government against free, sovereign nations to submit them to its plans, saying that “the Cold War world must stop” and urging to support dialogue and relations based on respect and the self-determination of the peoples.

“I think that the Cold War world must be left behind. I don’t agree with creating blocs, and putting blocs to compete in the world. I believe that the nations of the world must cooperate freely. We can have extraordinary relations with a nation of the majesty and the historical patrimony, like the Persian nation, the Iranian people. It’s a nation of peace. A nation with an admirable culture,” said the Venezuelan president when asked what will happen with the relations with Iran if he normalizes relations with the United States.

In this regard, he reaffirmed that Venezuela’s Bolivarian Government has established a diplomatic code with peace-, sovereignty-loving countries, adding that “we can have excellent relations with the millenary nation of China, with the nation of Russia, of India, of Turkey, of South Africa, of Spain, and have excellent relations with the nation of the United States and its government.”

Likewise, he harshly criticized the White House’s dominant system, saying “we reject that from the United States, they want to force independent countries, to – in order to have good relations with the United States – to be enemies of China. To be enemies of Russia. To be enemies of Iran. That world of Hollywood, that world of comics, that Cold War world must stop. It must be left in the past. There must be a world of respect, of intercultural dialogue, of dialogue of civilizations, of political dialogue, of dialogue of religion. Another world.”

Also, he condemned the political attacks of some nations against the People’s Republic of China.

“That thing which happened now in the G7, that they approved a statement against China, is truly condemnable. It’s detestable. It can’t be that seven powerful western countries meet to attack China. To say that Russia is a threat. That is how wars start,” warned the Venezuelan president, who reaffirmed that the Bolivarian Doctrine in the diplomatic field stands out for advocating for the construction of a multipolar world, of a balance of the universe, and of respect.”

President Maduro recalled the courage of the U.S. youth who interpreted the world’s historical moment demanding peace and equality and mobilized to vote against Trump.

“That youth doesn’t want to go to more useless wars for oil. That youth wants a world where there is respect, not only for the culture of the world, but also respect for being from the United States. That world is going to arrive. It’s already in the conscience of the people,” said Maduro, who expressed his admiration for the U.S. people.

COVID-19 vaccination goal

Regarding the mass vaccination campaign against COVID-19 conducted by the Bolivarian Government, President Maduro reiterated they will achieve the goal established for this year and ensure the right to health of the Venezuelan people as he condemned the persecution against funds to acquire vaccines.

“We are obtaining the country’s vaccines in a progressive way, facing an unprecedented persecution. Sometimes I ask myself: does President Joe Biden know about the decisions and the persecution against Venezuela so that it doesn’t acquire vaccines? Does President Joe Biden know about the freezing of funds that Venezuela has paid to acquire vaccines through the COVAX system, to the World Health Organization? Those are questions that I leave you with. Does the President Joe Biden know? Is he the one responsible for that cruelty? We are going to obtain – through the paths that we are dealt, in silence, we are going to obtain the vaccines. We are going to fulfill this goal that we’ve proposed to ourselves by the month of October,” said the Venezuelan president.