Conare approves 12 refugee applications from Colombia and Haiti - MPPRE

Conare approves 12 refugee applications from Colombia and Haiti

Within the framework of World Refugee Day, which is celebrated every June 20, the president of the National Commission for Refugees (Conare), Rubén Darío Molina, held a meeting to decide on refugee application cases. From the Darío Vivas Conference Room, in the company of the members of the Commission, the Division General of the People’s Power Ministry for Defense, Fernando Pietrini Voyer and the General Director of Promotion and Dissemination of the Ombudsman’s Office, María Reyes Ortiz, they approved 12 cases of refugee applications, all from the Republic of Colombia and the Republic of Haiti, in order to continue guaranteeing international protection to applicants and refugees in Venezuela.

Also present were the former president of Conare, Juan Carlos Alemán, and the representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Marcela Rodríguez, led by the current President of the Commission, who delivered 12 provisional cards to refugee applicants, including women, men, girls, boys and adolescents, providing them with the protection they have as refugees.

With the delivery of the provisional card, the Comprehensive Refugee Management System (Sigesref) remains operational.

By 2019, Conare put into operation a modern Comprehensive Refugee Management System, in terms of the care and dignity of applicants for international protection.

The National Commission for Refugees receives with open arms and an extended hand to individuals and families who have been subjected to discrimination, hatred, and persecution because of their race, sex or religion.