National Commission for Refugees launches registration, identification campaign for new refugee applicants in Venezuela - MPPRE

National Commission for Refugees launches registration, identification campaign for new refugee applicants in Venezuela

The National Commission for Refugees (CONARE) launched a registration, identification campaign in Petare, Miranda state, for new refugee applicants in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The campaign, held with the participation of the Ombudsman’s Office, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and HIAS, a non-profit NGO, will be conducted for 3 days to register 48 people applying for international protection granted by the Venezuelan state.

«We are assisting people who have requested or will request protection in Venezuela. In this case, they are from the Republic of Colombia, where they have suffered in the last 70 years a structural violence by the Colombian state and different actors that have displaced them from their homes, » said the President of CONARE, Rubén Darío Molina.

Likewise, the President of CONARE underlined that this activity, held ahead of the World Refugee Day on June 20, is underway in compliance with the Venezuelan Constitution and the international commitments and pacts endorsed by Venezuela to assist people applying for international protection and to ensure respect for human rights.

«Venezuela, a friendly hand, does not only protect the human rights of its nationals, but also the human rights of those who request asylum, » added Molina.

The UNHCR Assistant Protection Officer in Caracas, Dorialbys De La Rosa, and the head of HIAS Caracas, Ramón Jesús Quintero, highlighted the importance of this campaign within the framework of a cooperation and support agreement to strengthen the National Commission for Refugees.

«In this case, and for 3 days, we’ll be registering 48 people from different communities of Caracas. We have people from El Valle, Caucagüita, Catia, and 2 from Carabobo state. They will access the process to recognize their refugee condition, » they explained.

CONARE, Ombudsman’s Office Cooperation

Interinstitutional cooperation was also mentioned by the Director General of Promotion of the Ombudsman’s Office, María Reyes Ortiz, who explained the work carried out by the Ombudsman’s Office in the promotion, defense and surveillance of the duties and rights of refugees in the country.

«It’s a responsible state policy to provide due protection in cooperation with CONARE and UNHCR […] We can assist this population and protect their right to identity and other rights, » said Reyes Ortiz.

Likewise, she explained CONARE has been conducting this campaign in different states. «Recently, we were in Barinas and we did an effective job. Today we’re here to assist other people who also need our protection as a state. »

CONARE’s progress in international human rights

The National Commission for Refugees is implementing the Comprehensive System of Refugee Management (SIGESREF), making Venezuela be at the forefront in the region regarding assistance and dignification of refugees requesting international protection.

The SIGESREF replaces a manual system, which consisted in a form to register the information of applicants and their families for an identity card featuring a QR Code, which enables the complete identification of applicants and their families, including blood type and telephone numbers.

With this identity card, refugees will be guaranteed a greater respect for their physical integrity and rights as applicants for international protection. In addition, they will rely on a more formal document as their identification before any authority.