Vice-president Delcy Rodríguez highlights historical significance of the May Revolution in Argentina for the people of the Great Homeland - MPPRE

Vice-president Delcy Rodríguez highlights historical significance of the May Revolution in Argentina for the people of the Great Homeland

The Executive Vice-president of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, sent this Friday a fraternal greeting on behalf of President Nicolás Maduro to the Argentine ambassador accredited to Venezuela, Eduardo Poretti, to his Government and to the Argentine people regarding the commemoration of the May Revolution.

From the Embassy of Argentina in Venezuela, Vice-president Rodríguez stressed that this date is very important not only for Argentina, but also for the peoples of the Great Homeland and all of Latin America. In turn, she indicated that the historical significance of the May Revolution began on the 18th of that month in 1810 and was materialized as a cry for freedom on the 24th.

She recalled that on that date the people had already heard the cry in Quito (Ecuador), in Caracas (Venezuela) on April 19, 1810, so this is a historic feat for all nations.

Mutual cooperation

The Executive Vice-president highlighted that the Homeland of Bolívar and Argentina have maintained mutual cooperation, with a tremendous expansion and based on the productive complementarities of both people. “Argentina, a great nation with great scientific and technological development, a giant industrial infrastructure at the service of the Venezuelan people and the Venezuelan people also put energy development at the service of Argentina”, she said.

Given this, she said that it is complementarity that allows the union of people over diversity.

Likewise, she said that the challenge of gestating the union of the people of Latin America lies in the spirit of Néstor Kirchner, Hugo Chávez, Lula da Silva and Correa. “There is the spirit of those who united themselves in favor of our people and it was at that moment, in that era of splendor of cooperation in our countries”, she emphasized.

Bicentennial of Carabobo

Vice-president Delcy Rodríguez expressed that the Venezuelan people have been celebrating since April 19 of this year, the 200 years of the Great feat of the Battle of Carabobo: “We take a torch that represents the cry for freedom and independence from the Spanish rule, that torch went out to travel all the corners of our Homeland, because in Carabobo, the battle for the independence of the Great Homeland began”.

In this sense, she indicated that with the Libertarian and Bolivarian Torch, the historical meaning of the deed of Simón Bolívar and his concept of union is highlighted, because when the armies crossed the borders to liberate nations, they never subdued but fought for dignity, for the heroic feat that independence means.

“Today we women should feel happy, because of the participation of Argentine women in the independence struggle, as well as in the struggle for the independence of Venezuela. Long live our heroines!”, Said Vice-president Rodríguez.