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Venezuela, South Africa strengthen trade relations

As part of the strategies to boost the economic growth and the expansion of diplomatic, trade relations undertaken by the Venezuelan Government, Minister of People’s Power for Tourism Alí Padrón held a meeting with Zolani Mkiva, deputy of the African National Congress and member of the Venezuela-South Africa solidarity group.

The meeting was also attended by Siva Veeran, chairman of Trident Infrastructure Group  and director of independent commercial bodies of the African continent.

Padrón showed the South African authorities Venezuela’s tourism attractions. The Mérida cable car system, the Canaima National Park, the Los Roques Archipelago and Margarita Island are some of the destinations where inbound tourism is developed in the South American country.

Padrón explained that foreign investment incentive is one of the strategies outlined by President Nicolás Maduro to fight the imperialist unilateral coercive measures and sanctions aimed at weakening the Venezuelan economy.

In this regard, he added that the Tourism Ministry started working with prioritized countries, including South Africa, to let them know the investment opportunities offered by Venezuela to strengthen the commercial union.

The South African deputy highlighted that his country is grateful for the Venezuelan Government’s interest in strengthening bilateral relations to make  the unity between the two countries more dynamic.

Also, African businessman Siva Veeran expressed his will to invest in Venezuela through the establishment of a commercial office.

Tourism Minister Alí Padrón, in the company of Vice-minister for Foreign Tourism Leticia Gómez, seized the opportunity to hand over Venetur’s investment portfolio and extend invitations to the forthcoming business roundtable to be held at the  International Tourism Fair of Venezuela, which will take place in La Guaira state in November.