Foreign Minister Arreaza urges the Latin American union to move towards a post-capitalist model - MPPRE

Foreign Minister Arreaza urges the Latin American union to move towards a post-capitalist model

This Saturday, within the framework of the 13 days of debate on socialism in the 21st century coordinated by the Brazilian Workers’ Party, the Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, insisted on the Latin American and Caribbean union to go towards a post-capitalist model.

“If we would have managed to strengthen the Latin American and Caribbean State Community (Celac) and also the capacity of our peoples and governments to face the COVID-19 pandemic, the scenario would be different.”

The Venezuelan diplomat assured that if the countries of the region move in the right direction, they could all meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals, contemplated in the 2030 agenda.

Moments for breadth and advancement

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister emphasized that given the current international and geopolitical inflection, it is vital to adapt the progressive model and, in turn, allow the development of all sectors of each country, according to their particularities and capabilities.

“These are moments for the amplitude, so that the dogmas are nothing more than references that allow us to advance. At this time the dogmas do not help and less when the societies of the world have evolved with so many technological tools, and when time has so much meaning, this world has changed”, he added.

In the Venezuelan case, he cited as a reference the alliances formed between public and private companies as an alternative to the illegal blockade imposed on the Latin American country.

However, the Minister of Foreign Relations stressed that in a socialist country the guarantee of fundamental rights cannot remain in the hands of the capitalist system.

“The private sector must exist and whoever has the resources can access it; but the State must guarantee the same rights to those who do not have financial means”, he added.