Venezuela rejects the harmful annexationist US proposal against the Palestinian people - MPPRE

Venezuela rejects the harmful annexationist US proposal against the Palestinian people

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela expresses its categorical rejection to the annexationist and arbitrary proposal presented by the United States government entitled “deal of the century,” whose unacceptable content goes against the basic norms of International Law and harms the brave Palestinian people. Venezuela, through its Bolivarian Diplomacy of Peace, has always defended the right to self-determination of the Palestinian people through the existence of an independent State within the borders established by the United Nations Security Council, Resolution No. 242 of November 1967, which establishes East Jerusalem as its capital. The proposal presented by the Trump Administration and the weakened Israeli leadership aims to grant unilateral recognition to the illegal Israeli settlements and considers the arbitrary annexation of territories, which according to UN resolutions, belong indisputably to the State of Palestine. It is clearly an unequal, unjust, biased and illegal proposal that the world public opinion qualified as “the fraud or the theft of the century”. The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela stands with both the people and authorities of the State of Palestine and urgently calls upon the International Community to activate all the necessary multilateral mechanisms to avoid unpredictable consequences that this supremacist proposal would entail. A proposal that only hampers the path of dialogue to reach a negotiated solution under International Law, and only distances the parties and the region from understanding and the keenly awaited peace.

Caracas, 29 January 2020