Venezuela deplores alleged EU concern over COVID-19 situation in the country - MPPRE

Venezuela deplores alleged EU concern over COVID-19 situation in the country

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela deplores the fraudulent spectacle organized by a group of Governments, self-proclaimed donors, led by the European Union, which seeks to deceive the international community in order to legitimize its continued interventionist actions, through false and ragged promises of funds, supposedly aimed at addressing Venezuelan migration. This was an ideologized media event, taken as a pretext to attack the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, with the unavoidable aim of trying to hide the most recent economic aggressions and mercenary operations against the Venezuelan people. In reality, it was nothing more than a new battle for resources between bureaucracies of international organizations and political managers, with no relation whatsoever to the real needs of Venezuelan migrants. A make-up action that seeks to wash away the shameful following of the European Union in its notorious subordination to the policy of regime change of Washington, and its complicity with the unilateral coercive measures that cause so much damage and suffering in Venezuela. The alleged European concern about the situation of COVID-19 in Venezuela is cynical when the so-called recipient countries and most of the self-proclaimed donors are the main focus of Coronavirus in the region and worldwide. It is precisely these governments that deserve recourses and donations to face the collapse of their health systems, protect the lives of their citizens and recover their economies from COVID-19. It is inexcusable to conceal the massive return of Venezuelan migrants motivated by xenophobia, discrimination, mistreatment and, more recently, by the poor management of the pandemic in the host countries. Since mid-2019, thousands of Venezuelan men and women have returned. It should be noted that no testimony from the returnees attests to any support or economic assistance by those governments through the alleged donors. Venezuela ratifies that its institutions will continue to attend to the tens of thousands of Venezuelan migrants who today are returning to their Homeland, fleeing from the enslaving xenophobia, persecution, and uncontrolled spread of COVID-19 in the receiving countries and alerts the world to the transparency in the use and destination of the announced resources, which correspond in their majority to bank loans, so more than a conference of donors, the referred event can be qualified as a club of lenders and scammers, whose governments and banks have frozen more than 10 billion dollars of the Venezuelan people in the last years. A shameful act in times of such difficulty for the peoples of Europe, North America and Latin America.

Caracas, May 27th, 2020