China-Venezuela strategic association allows to face the Covid-19

The China-Venezuela strategic association was praised this Saturday by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, which has been tested and strengthened at a time when the Coronavirus crisis has also generated its attacks in Venezuela.

“Thanks to China, thanks to President Xi Jinping; thanks to the Chinese ambassador to Venezuela; thanks to the Venezuelan ambassador to China; thanks to the deep strategic association China-Venezuela”, the President stressed in a telephone contact with the TV program “La Hojilla” that is broadcast on the state channel, Venezolana de Televisión (VTV).

In a conversation with the host of this television space, Mario Silva, he described that “today the second aircraft arrived from the Chinese airlift, with 500 thousand tests to detect the Coronavirus”.

Gobierno Bolivariano se solidariza con el pueblo estadounidense ante propagación del Covid-19

Regard this, the Head of State assessed that “in 15 minutes this test is carried out (…) today we verify the effectiveness of the rapid tests, which will allow us to massify the tests from tomorrow Sunday onwards, within of the methodology of the Carnet de la Patria survey and the methodology of the house-to-house visit”.

He said that “in the next few hours, a million more tests will come and in addition to many more teams”.

Brotherhood with Russia

On the other hand, President Maduro added that in the next few days, “a Russian military plane with all equipment arrives sent by President (of Russia) Putin”.

“President Putin sent me a message that came to me last night delivered by the ambassador, ratifying all his comprehensive strategic support for Venezuela, in all areas”, said President Maduro.

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