Venezuela repudiates and denounces infamous statements by the Peru government against Venezuelan migrants

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela firmly rejects and denounces to the world and the international organizations in defense of human rights, the vile statements made yesterday by the Government of the Republic of Peru, through its Minister for Interior Affairs, Carlos Morán, against the Venezuelan immigrant population, who reside in that country.

The Peruvian Minister threateningly announced, through a pre and post produced audio-visual presentation, the creation of a police force “elite” in order to pursue the Venezuelan immigrant population, accusing them of being responsible for the criminal growth in Peru. This fact is a serious human rights violation and a degrading and dangerous act which contravenes of international rules with regard to respect and protection of immigrant populations. With this incredible xenophobia act, discrimination and aggression actions are promoted against the Venezuelan citizens in that country.

Venezuela has received, over the years, thousands of Peruvian immigrants who have been embraced with affection and solidarity, ensuring the protection for their human and social rights. Venezuela demands to the Peruvian Government to comply with its international obligations and cease the usual advocacy of hatred by their Authorities against the people from Venezuela. The responsibility of the State of combating crime cannot be an excuse to criminalize foreign citizens.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will denounce, with other discrimination acts against its immigrant population, before the relevant international organizations, considering the evident conviction-based elements which are part of crime against humanity and Venezuelan citizens outside the country.

Caracas, January 24th, 2020

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