Venezuela rejects unfortunate “Report on Terrorism” published by the US State Department

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela firmly rejects the infamous document cynically called “Report on Terrorism”, published today by the U.S. Department of State, which once again seeks to disqualify the commitment of Venezuela to the global fight against terrorism with slander.

Venezuela complies with its international commitment in the fight against terrorism, and has the world as a witness that, in the particular case of the Colombian conflict, Venezuela is a signatory of treaties and guarantor of their compliance, as stated in the United Nations Security Council.

It seems unlikely for the United States to accuse Venezuela of not taking sufficient measures against the scourge of terrorism, when just two months ago an attempted maritime incursion by mercenaries, including former U.S. military personnel, who followed a plan endorsed by political allies of the U.S. in the country and supported by the lacey government of Colombia, was neutralized, which included the physical elimination of high government figures and supporters of the Bolivarian Revolution.

A true commitment to the fight against terrorist of the United States would include the unequivocal rejection of the use of political violence in Venezuela, the capture and delivery of individuals sought by the Venezuelan justice system and involved in terrorist practices, such as the assassination attempt of August 4, 2018, or the so-called Operation Gideon of May, 2020.

Venezuela will continue to denounce before all relevant international instances, the various U.S. attempts to create terror and commotion in the Venezuelan population, in order to overthrow the legitimate and constitutional Government of Venezuela, and implement a tutelage coordinated by the same violent actors who represent U.S. interests.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will continue to defend itself against any attempt to trample on its sovereignty, which is why it demands the United States put an end to its arrogant practice of pretending to evaluate and qualify the public policies of other countries, as well as to its insane practice of using the fight against terrorism for propaganda purposes to justify its plan of aggression against Venezuela.

Caracas, June 24, 2020

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