Venezuela rejects illegal US Executive Order against the International Crime Court

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela categorically rejects the illegal Executive Order adopted on June 11, 2020 by the Government of the United States of America against the staff of the International Criminal Court, including its Prosecutor and any person providing financial, material or technological assistance for the proper functioning of such an important multilateral body.

With this decision, Donald Trump opens the door to the implementation of unilateral, arbitrary and punitive coercive measures against the International Criminal Court, demonstrating once again his complete disregard for the principles of international law, international humanitarian law and human rights.

The recent decisions of the government of the United States against international organizations show their contempt for the multilateral system and the intention to replace it with the dangerous unilateralist and peculiar vision, with which they intend to dominate humanity, outside the law.

In this sense, the Venezuelan government denounces that the alleged “sanctions” of the United States against the International Criminal Court constitute an unacceptable act of international pressure and bullying, which threatens its autonomy and independence. It is clear that the world is facing a pre-emptive flight forward by Donald Trump, with the aim of influencing the investigations currently under way at that tribunal, in the face of the accumulation of available evidence confirming the responsibility of his agents for war crimes and crimes against humanity throughout the world, including in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela calls upon the States Parties to the Rome Statute, as well as the rest of the international community, to repudiate these gangster actions that threatens peace, security and the well-being of humanity, in order to ensure that international justice is respected and implemented in a lasting manner.

Caracas, June 11, 2020

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