Venezuela denounces the hasty and untimely election of Luis Almagro as Secretary General of the OAS

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela denounces before the international community the election of the Secretary General of the Organization of American States held today, March 20, as the result of a grotesque blackmail and extortion scheme, conducted directly from the Government of the United States, in the best style of the transnational organized crime mafias.

The Department of State of the U.S. imposed the hasty and untimely election of its preferred agent, Luis Almagro, in order to maintain the OAS as the Ministry of its Colonies, a tool of collective unilateralism aimed at enforcing the imperialist will of the White House and undermining the national sovereignties of the peoples of the American continent.

Venezuela highlights the dignity expressed by those Member States that were totally and radically opposed to the extensive scheme of this decadent “hemispheric mafia.”

The anti-imperialist people of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will remain vigilant in defense of its sovereignty and national independence against any new aggression coming from within that obsolete Organization. Just as the sword of the Liberator Simón Bolívar expelled the greatest of empires 200 years ago, the determination of the free peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean bury in the dustbin of history any attempt of North American “monroism” through the OAS in the years to come.

Caracas, March 20th, 2020

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