Minister Mirelys Contreras receives visit from Russian Ambassador to strengthen ties in penitentiary field

Minister of People’s Power for Penitentiary Services, Mirelys Contreras, held on Monday, November 16, a meeting with Russian Ambassador to Venezuela, Sergey Melik-Bargdasarov, in the headquarters of the Penitentiary Services Ministry.

The meeting was coordinated by the Ministry of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs by following sanitary measures against COVID-19.

Contreras welcomed the Russian diplomat and thanked him for Russia’s cooperation with the Bolivarian Government in different fields.

In the meeting, Contreras offered and overview on the Penitentiary Security Technological System (Sitesep, Spanish acronym) and presented Venezuela’s progress in this field. Likewise, the two authorities mentioned the possibility of future cooperation ties to benefit the new Venezuelan penitentiary regime.

In a visit paid to Sitesep, the Russian ambassador witnessed it has achieved the goal of transforming the Venezuelan Penitentiary System with technology, and recognized the positive impact of the new penitentiary regime on the transformation of inmates into new men and women.

Minister Contreras was accompanied by her office’s Director General, Carmen Varela, and Director General of International Relations, Abraham Rodríguez.

Finally, the Venezuelan minister for penitentiary services thanked the Russian Government for the first shipment of Sputnik V vaccines as part of the third phase of clinical trials.

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