Electoral Council to present voting machines, audit arrangements on October 9

The National Electoral Council (CNE) will present the voting machines that will be used in the December 6 parliamentary elections to political organizations and the media on October 9.

Likewise, they will inform about the different audit arrangements of the automated voting system, a model for Latin America and the world featuring state-of-the-art technology, thus strengthening the trust in the CNE as the body ruling the Venezuelan Electoral Power.

The Board of Directors of the National Electoral Council (CNE) also assessed the norms regulating the development of the electoral campaign, to start on November 19 according to the electoral schedule, by taking into account COVID-19 control protocols, the Biosecurity Strategic Plan for the December 6 election, as well as the use of traditional media, social media and other technological tools.

The CNE’s Board of Directors reviewed the norms and protocols regulating real-time virtual and in-person domestic and international accompaniment to guarantee participation, by taking into account those biosecurity elements that have been present in the process.

Furthermore, a resolution was unanimously approved to provide for an exception in Article 88 of the Organic Law of Civil Registration, concerning birth registration, in order to allow the registration of births after the 90 days set by the law in view of quarantine preventive measures and mobility limitations, thus preserving the right to birth registrations of children.

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