CNE will present to the Pan-American Health Organization the Comprehensive Biosafety Plan for the 6D elections

The Comprehensive Biosafety Plan of the National Electoral Council (CNE) will be submitted to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) for evaluation, according to its president, Indira Alfonzo Izaguirre, during the coordination meeting of the Expanded Logistics Committee of the electoral body.

In this sense, the highest electoral authority pointed out that Venezuela is at the forefront in Latin America and the Caribbean with the development of this plan, for which “we have had the reciprocal support of the authorities of the People’s Power Ministry for Health and the epidemiological authorities.”

“We have been aware, respectful and disciplined not only with the electoral guarantees that we must deploy in each of the stages and processes established by the electoral schedule, but also on an issue that touches the deepest humanity, to be responsive to the policies of the Venezuelan State in matters of biosafety in the fight against COVID-19”, specified the president of the electoral body.

Also, Alfonzo stressed that “what these instances of cooperation, seek is not only to reedit what has been the experience of this electoral body, but to advance in our duty to fulfill the mandate of the people, the right to suffrage under the conditions established by the Constitution of the Republic.”

For his part, Carlos Quintero, a member of the National Electoral Board and coordinator of the CNE’s Expanded Logistics Committee, affirmed that the upcoming electoral process is “the most difficult election we have; We have a constitutional mandate to hold the elections on December 6, and those who participate are committed to support the CNE”,he said.

Quintero stressed that one of the main difficulties facing Venezuela is the “financial blockade against the country, the aggressions against sovereignty and a pandemic that haunts the world”, for which special emphasis will be placed on biosafety, for which it requires the greatest coordination so that the electoral schedule continues to develop smoothly.

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