President Maduro: Our destiny is freedom, victory, independence

“Our destiny is freedom, victory, independence.”

This was stated by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros, to commemorate the 237 years since the birth of the Father of the Homeland, Simón Bolívar, and the 197th anniversary of the Naval Battle of Lake Maracaibo and Day of the Bolivarian National Army.

Faced with the continuous aggressions perpetrated by US imperialism against Venezuela, the national president affirmed that Venezuelans have only one destiny and Bolívar marked it.

“We are the children of the victors of the Battle of the Lake, Carabobo, Boyacá, Pichincha, Junín. We are the same!” He said.

“Open your eyes and see the people of Venezuela standing”, he sentenced, while rejecting any interventionist act that transgresses not only public international law, but the determination of an independent and sovereign people.

“The problems of Venezuelans are ours and we solve them without interference from any empire in moral, political, national and international decadence”, emphasized the Commander-in-Chief of the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB).

In this regard, he stated that the Bolivarian ideology remains more valid than ever. “The great Bolivar is alive in the idea, in the values ​​(…) in the battle we are fighting against US imperialism, with its aggressions, dirty campaigns, illegal and criminal sanctions.”

On the other hand, the President thanked the men and women who daily defend the dignity and sovereignty of the Homeland.

“Today, in this important event, I want to transmit from the Puerto Cabello Naval Base – Carabobo state – a greeting of congratulations, of revolutionary commitment, of moral commitment as Commander-in-Chief of the Bolivarian National Armed Force.”

Context in which he asserted that “today more than ever we have a Bolivarian Navy of a revolutionary, socialist character, committed to the interests of the homeland. We are going to take care of the seas, rivers and all the aquatic spaces of this pacifist Venezuela, with the same zeal and the same combat capacity of our sailors from 197 years ago”, he said.

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