840 thousand vials of insulin from the Russian Federation arrive in Venezuela

This Saturday 840 thousand vials of 5 types of insulin arrived in Venezuela in the eighth shipment of drugs from the Russian Federation, thanks to the existing international agreements between the two nations.

From the Simón Bolívar International Airport of Maiquetía in La Guaira state, the Vice-minister of Resources for the Health Area, Gerardo Briceño, explained that the arrival of this shipment with treatment for diabetic patients in the country will go to the warehouses, and then be distributed to the different health centers in the country.

He maintained that this shipment arrives “as part of the Agreement established between Russia and Venezuela with two companies, working hand in hand with the production and supply of insulin for patients suffering from diabetes”, he said.

In the same way, he exposed that part of the agreement corresponds to the technology transfer, so that in future collaborations this treatment occurs in the country.

“The reagents are arriving and Venezuela has the technical team, who are working to make the registration and accompaniment process for the production of this medicine in the nation”, he stressed.

For his part, the adviser minister of the embassy of the Russian Federation, Alexey Seredin, pointed out that the arrival of the drugs is a true reflection of strategic association between both countries, especially in these difficult conditions that the world is experiencing.

“This shipment contains the amount of insulin to ensure the supply of patients in Venezuela for two months. It occupies 16.6 percent of the entire contract, so it represents the largest shipment of this treatment that reaches the country.”

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