Professor Ridha Mami evokes cultural ties between Africa and Latin America

“Historically, there have always been cultural bridges between Africa and Latin American countries”, said Ridha Mami, writer, poet, professor and head of the Spanish Department of the Institute of Languages ​​of Tunisia, during an interview offered to the multistate Telesur.

The interview carried out in the framework of World Africa Day and the XV World Africa Week, served not only to discuss the cultural bridges that have been woven between Africa and Latin America, but also to reflect on the importance of culture in the current context.

“Cultural bridges [cultural diplomacy] must exist, but unfortunately many times [governments] do not consider culture as something important, they always advance economic and political interests”, he said.

Regarding the current context for COVID-19, he said that despite being one of the most difficult moments for humanity, the pandemic has allowed people to discover new realities and discover themselves.

“This pandemic has taught us the need to love each other, to love each other, to appreciate our lives, to be with our loved ones, our family and friends”.

Ridha Mami, pointed out that it is culture that must be in charge of collecting human pain, of transmitting universal values, of building, delighting, and creating awareness in humans, but it must also serve to talk about what happens in society.

The poet and university professor ended the interview reiterating that there are many elements in common between Latin America and Africa, because both were colonized, but both also achieved their freedom.

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