Foreign Minister Arreaza demands the Government of Colombia to assume its responsibility for armed aggression against Venezuela

Through his official Twitter account @jaarreaza, the People’s Power Minister for Foreign Relations of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, showed the confessions of the mercenaries involved in “Operation Gideon”, who admitted having prepared themselves with the support of the Government of Colombia, in order to destabilize the Venezuelan government and alter the peace of its people.

In this sense, the Foreign Minister expressed: “Absolutely all those involved in the armed aggression against Venezuela confess that they trained in Colombia, with the knowledge of Bogota’s government and the financing of drug traffickers from that country. @IvanDuque must answer for this to his people and the world”.

It should be noted that the Bolivarian Government has made evident and with irrefutable evidence the participation of the various actors in this plan against President Nicolás Maduro, taking Colombia as the spearhead in planning the new assassination attempt that they intended to carry out in the country.

The Foreign Minister also pointed out that: “The deafening silence of governments and international organizations in the face of mercenary aggression against Venezuela is complicity. The same people who always immediately condemn us based on biased or false information, today remain silent in the face of such a serious and full of evidence case”.

Venezuelan authorities thwarted an armed incursion into the country on May 3, in which a group of mercenaries, including two Americans, intended to carry out terrorist actions against authorities of the Venezuelan State and against the peace of the Republic. The confessions of those involved confirm the ties between Washington and Bogotá with the failed invasion.

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