Venezuela: No new COVID-19 cases registered in last 24 hours

In the last 24 hours, Venezuela has not registered new COVID-19 cases, and the country records a total of 329 cases so far, reported President Nicolás Maduro during a briefing on the strategies implemented by the Venezuelan government to contain and prevent COVID-19.

Out of the total number, 142 (43.2%) people have already recovered, 89 patients are in sentinel hospitals, 64 in Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers (CDIs), 24 in private hospitals, and 10 people have died.

Venezuela leads the fight against COVID-19 in Latina America and the Caribbean with more than 15,500 tests done, the highest number of tests per 1 million population.

Sectorial Vice-president of Communication, Culture and Tourism Jorge Rodríguez congratulated the Venezuelan people for their discipline and compliance with social, collective quarantine. He pointed out that if sanitary measures had not been implemented, Venezuela would have surpassed 200,361 COVID-19 cases and 7,000 deaths.

Worldwide, 3,128,692 COVID-19 cases and 217,082 deaths have been registered so far, being the United States the current epicenter with 1,030,315 COVID-19 cases and a case fatality rate of 58,670 deaths.

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