Chinese delegation visits healthcare centers set up for COVID-19 cases

The Venezuelan authorities and the delegation of Chinese experts have been deployed to supervise healthcare centers for COVID-19 cases.

In the capital region, visits to the Jesús Yerena General Hospital in Lidice, the Andres Herrera Vega Hospital in Algodonal, both located in Caracas’ west, and the Metropolitan Polyclinic (Caracas’ east) stand out.

In the Lidice General Hospital, they have verified the triage area is duly equipped to treat and subject patients suspected of having COVID-19 to tests. So far, 1,110 patients have received medical attention and 208 PCR tests have been performed.

During their visit to the Algodonal Hospital, they visited the maternity area, a station equipped to attend to COVID-19 patients. This healthcare center, known for specializing in respiratory care, is currently providing medical care to patients with respiratory insufficiency referred from other hospitals.

Currently, this hospital is treating two patients with mild symptoms and has already discharged a group of patients who were hospitalized in its facilities. Likewise, this hospital has enough beds (some equipped with respirators) to provide care to patients if needed.

Doctor Dario Gonzales, the hospital’s director, thanked the Chinese delegation for their support in the fight against COVID-19.

The Metropolitan Polyclinic was also visited by the commission, which assessed the medical care areas set up to treat COVID-19 patients in critical condition.

As part of the measures suggested to the Venezuelan government to guarantee medical care to patients, these visits will be paid on a regular basis to secure a constant assessment of medical procedures with the participation of Venezuelan specialists.

Venezuelan Embassy in China


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