Misión Negra Hipólita attends vulnerable population during collective quarantine

A contingency team made up of 100 men and women, who provide services in the pharmacy, initial care and medical areas of the Misión Negra Hipólita Foundation (FMNH), are distributed throughout the country, to cut the chain of expansion of the Covid-19 Coronavirus and avoid contagion on vulnerable citizens.

The FMNH president, Vice-admiral (V / A) José Pestana Abreu, held a meeting with the teams from the National Directorate of Treatment Management, National Directorate of Initial Care (Capture Brigade), Medical Team and Pharmacy, to activate the prevention protocols against Covid-19, reported a press release.

“The Mission activated a contingency team to attend the population that is in a street situation. 70 men and women from the National Directorate of Initial Attention will be on the streets, in groups of four, carrying out 24 x 72 hour boardings, taking all security and prevention measures”, explained Pestana.

He explained that “in recruitment operations, all personnel use gloves and masks, being the Mission’s health protocol to carry out the approaches to each citizen who is in street condition; a kit is delivered to them, to cut the transmission of the virus (face masks and gloves), thus fulfilling the entire procedure of the recruitment”.

Priority attention

“Once citizens arrive at the Initial Care Center (CAI), Belinda Álvarez or the CAI Aquiles Nazoa, they are instructed to wash their hands, bathe and eat, to subsequently carry out routine medical, nutritional and psychiatric evaluations”, added the president. of the FMNH.

On the other hand, the pharmacy team guarantees the delivery of drugs and ensures that each center is equipped with the necessary medications and supplies.

This contingent is distributed as follows: 20 men and women of the Mission deployed for the attention area; 40 doctors who join the People’s Power Ministry for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace (Mpprijp), in addition to the Capital District Fire Department (CBDF) and the General Fire Command (CGB).

Likewise, 30 outstanding doctors from the Vice-ministry of the Supreme Social Happiness of the People are added, while a group of doctors meet with the Sentinel Brigade for the application of Covid-19 diagnostic tests.

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