Awareness and authority are the new measures to intensify social quarantine

The Venezuelan head of state and government, Nicolás Maduro Moros, explained that awareness and authority are the new measures to be applied in the special plan to intensify the social and collective quarantine in the coming days.

In the first instance and as a rule of street authority is the requirement in the compulsory use of the mask, the realization of procedures by a single member of the family nucleus in an expeditious way, avoid crowds, “acting with authority, radical, necessary flexibility and balance; in order to advance in the fight ”against the Covid-19.

In this battle, the participation of the popular power and organized commune is essential for supervision in compliance with prevention protocols in activities in isolation, insisted the national president.

The “call is to the population to comply with quarantine with awareness and authority measures for the community itself, the communal council, the UBCh (Bolívar and Chávez Battle Unit), the head of the Local Supply and Production Committee (Clap )”; people in general.

The intensification of the measures was announced as a result of georeferencing in the cases diagnosed in the country; specifically in the states of Miranda, La Guaira and the Capital District, where the movement of citizens will be even more restricted.

To date, 84 positive cases of Covid-19 have been registered in Venezuela.

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