Russia sends medical supplies to Venezuela to detect COVID-19

On Monday, March 23, 10,000 coronavirus test kits arrived in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in a first flight from the Russian Federation.

Minister of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs Jorge Arreaza received the airplane at the Simón Bolívar International Airport. He was accompanied by Vice Minister for Europe Yván Gil and Russia’s Ambassador to Venezuela Serguéi Melik-Bagdasarov.

“Today, we’re receiving the first of many shipments from the Russian Federation to Venezuela to increase our ability to detect those patients who are really infected with COVID-19,” said Arreaza.

About Russia’s humanitarian cooperation, the Venezuelan foreign affairs minister said that this is a gesture of “greatness.”

“Because a country is not only powerful for its military, economic ability (…); it’s also powerful for its great morale and solidarity. That’s what Russia is showing us right now, and so is the People’s Republic of China,” said Arreaza.

“They are the main actors of the new multipolar humankind that is emerging right now. We’re helping each other to benefit our peoples,” he added.

Arreaza also expressed Venezuela’s satisfaction with the strategic alliance with the Russian government.

Russian Ambassador to Venezuela Serguéi Melik-Bagdasarov said that “this is just a first step for our health cooperation. It’s a very close technical cooperation based on our strategic relation.”

Venezuela-Russia technical cooperation

Russia’s humanitarian aid is part of the technical cooperation with the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology VECTOR and the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing (Rospotrebnadzor).

The 10,000 test kits add up to the international efforts made by the Bolivarian Revolution with his strategic partners to address the world’s health emergency caused by COVID-19.

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