Bolivarian government requests US authorities to allow the repatriation of Venezuelans stranded by Covid-19 contingency

Through a statement, the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela announced on Monday that the People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations, requested the US authorities to allow the realization of a special flight of the Conviasa airline between the United States and Venezuela, in order to repatriate Venezuelans who were in a situation of urgency due to the contingency generated by the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

This management is part of the measures instructed by President Nicolás Maduro to support Venezuelans who are stranded and in a vulnerable situation outside the national territory, in the midst of this global pandemic.

Venezuela adelanta medidas para repatriar a connacionales en EEUU por contingencia del Covid-19

In this sense, the statement explains that the nationals in the United States who need this repatriation benefit, must access the link of the system of assistance to Venezuelans in the United States, on the website http: //, in which they must register by filling out the corresponding form to the process of the Plan Vuelta a la Patria Contingency Covid-19.

Likewise, the interested parties must send their return ticket, the airlinein which they were returning, their contact telephone number and email, so that the Venezuelan authorities carry out the respective compilation and management of the cases.

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