Special report: Measures applied by the Venezuelan Government against Covid-19

The advance of the new coronavirus in Venezuela yielded a statistic of confirmed cases until the afternoon of Sunday, March 15, of 17 infections. About 15 convalescents came infected from other countries and two are intra-community infections, that is, they were infected while in Venezuela.

Given this, the Venezuelan government has increased the scale of the measures by applying drastic actions very quickly to create an epidemiological fence and promote prevention on a massive scale.

Starting Monday, March 16, at 5 am, with what President Nicolás Maduro called, in a national radio and television network, as a “social quarantine” for region 1 of the Comprehensive Defense Zones (ZDI) of Venezuela: there, where major incidences of the new coronavirus have been detected, which consists on the city of Caracas (Capital District) and the states of Apure, Cojedes, La Guaira, Miranda, Táchira and Zulia.

Social quarantine means that the Venezuelan population that lives in Region 1 of the ZDI must remain protected at home. The Venezuelan president added that “what has to do with the country’s food chain and health services, police security and transportation, is excepted”.

School and work activities are suspended with the exception of those related to said services.

A report is attached below:

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