Cuban students remember Commander Hugo Chávez on the seventh anniversary of his physical departure

“Cuba will keep eternal loyalty to the memory and legacy of Commander Hugo Chávez, and will persist in his ideals of unity of the revolutionary forces and of integration and independence of Our America”, said the first-year student of Medicine, Víctor Manuel Sánchez Carrera, when pronouncing the central words in the activity organized this Wednesday, March 4, in commemoration of the seventh anniversary of the physical disappearance of the historical leader of the Bolivarian Revolution.

Likewise, referring to who was the best friend of the Cuban people, he said that “we will not remember him sadly. Although his loss hurts, his cheerful and optimistic image, his thinking and action, have been impregnated in every Cuban. And we have the honor of having shared with the Bolivarian leader the same ideals of social justice”.

The activity took place in the Faculty of Medical Sciences “Enrique Cabrera”, located in the municipality of Boyeros of the city of Havana, and was attended by students, representatives, teachers and professors, who were accompanied by public servants of the Venezuelan institutions that make life on the Island.

“The Cuban people feel him as one of their children, because he felt our difficulties and problems in his flesh and did everything he could with extraordinary generosity”, said the acting president of the University Student Federation (FEU) at the Faculty.

“He accompanied Fidel as a true son and his friendship with Raúl was endearing”, he added. He also stressed that “his sensitivity and humanism, tireless struggle and effort for Latin American unity, constitute a paradigm for the entire world”.

During the activity, the participants expressed their support for the Bolivarian Government led by President Nicolás Maduro Moros, stating that “Chavez is Venezuela and its people will stand firm against the threats and provocations of the United States government”.

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