Head of State: Venezuela’s oil trade does not depend on a single international factor

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, said Friday that the country’s oil production has “diversified relations that do not depend on a single international factor”.

In this regard, he explained that there are more than 15 international companies with which Venezuela has labor and investment relations in the field.

“With more than 15 companies we buy additives for refineries and oil production, gasoline, diesel”, said the President.

The aforementioned relations develop despite the blockade and the financial and commercial persecution that the US government has unilaterally imposed on Caracas.

“The United States government has persecuted us to hit hard all the imports we need for the country’s energy operation and so far we have managed to succeed”, he said to the journalist Anthony Faiola of the Washington Post newspaper, to whom he offered an exclusive interview at the Palace from Miraflores.

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He also stressed that Venezuela and Russia maintain a close and respectful relationship in this area, in which the giant Rosneft has an “important share in national oil production, which could reach about 15 to 20 percent (…) with important investments so that this production is multiplied by five”.

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