Bolivarian Revolution will keep defeating coup ambushes promoted by imperialism

From the Casa Amarilla, in Caracas, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, said Sunday that the coup ambushes, propitiated by imperialism and sponsored by sectors of the right, have been defeated one by one by the Revolution.

“Nerves of steel and serenity, we will face every one of the threats – ambush coup – to come, with serenity, and we will defeat them with the force that is necessary”, said President Maduro, during his participation in the closing of the XV International Fair of the Book of Venezuela (Filven) 2019, held in the city of Caracas.

On November 16, the revolutionary forces mobilized in the main streets of the capital city against the coup claims of the opposition deputy, Juan Guaidó.

The President has called on the Venezuelan people to be mobilized and alert to the threats of the Popular Will party leader and those who support him in this new attempt to promote violence in the country.

In addition, the national government has activated peace crews throughout the territory and has warned that “every little light that turns on, light that goes out”, this on the subject of the calls from some sectors to sabotage Christmas.

“Venezuela wants peace”, said the President, adding that “they have not been able to, nor will they” destabilize the country.

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