Executive Vice-president: Imperialism cannot beat the ancestral power of the Bolivian people

The Executive Vice-president of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, said that the Plurinational State of Bolivia has only one President: Evo Morales.

Through his official Twitter account, Rodríguez stressed that the imperial disintegration plans that are executed in Bolivia will not be able to beat the ancestral power of the Bolivian people.

This in reference to the illegal self-proclamation of the parliamentarian Jeanine Áñez as Head of State of Bolivia, without having the quorum to meet, and denounced the Organization of American States as an instrument for the coup.

This Wednesday, the National Government, through a statement, repudiated “the usurpation of the Presidential State of the Plurinational State of Bolivia”, and confirmed that this action leads to a greater political and social instability in the Andean country.

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