The First Afro-descendant International Congress begins in Caracas

“From here we must go out with a unitary platform thaat goes even beyond our regions and continents, because here we have 47 countries and upon arrival we will all be 53 nations and international delegates that we will be present and take advantage of the debate in this forum”, said the Sector Vice-president for Territorial, Aristóbulo Istúriz, when installing the First International Congress of Afro-descendant Peoples, from the Hotel Alba Caracas.

“On the political level, the opposition resorts to violence to cause a change of government; However, our people have been able to overcome each of these events”, said Istúriz.

“Imperialism does not tolerate that, Latin America has become the epicenter of world politics”, said the Sector Vice-president and added that “we need the people to become power and we cannot have Popular Power if we do not organize”.

“Imperialism attacks us and must find us prepared to face any situation of aggression and action contrary to the Bolivarian Revolution”, invited Istúriz.

“And what is currently happening in Bolivia will be just For Now”, he said regarding the consummate coup d’etat against President Evo Morales Ayma.

“We went to reaffirm our commitment to accompany Nicolás Maduro, to face imperialism, to face the IMF, to build an alternative model to capitalism”, he emphasized.

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