Executive Vice President makes a floral offering to the father of India Mahatma Gandhi

The Executive Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, paid a floral offering to the Father of India, Mahatma Gandhi, in the Mahatma Gandhi Mausoleum, located in Raj Ghat, New Delhit, in the country of South Asia.

The information was released by Rodríguez through his official Twitter account:

Gandhi, fought peacefully for the independence of his country against the British crown and for this, he developed a method of direct social action based on the principles of nonviolence.

“There are many causes for which I am willing to die, but none for which I am willing to kill”. Mahatma Gandhi

The legacy of Mahatma Gandhi takes renewed validity. That is why the Bolivarian Government continues to ratify that peace is the way and destiny, while tolerance in diversity is essential for living together. When people get united, there is no force to bend it.

Executive Vice Presidency

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