President of the ANC: Entry of Venezuela in the Human Rights Council dismantles Bachelet report

The entrance of Venezuela to the Human Rights Council of the United Nations Organization (UN) dismantled the reports presented by the High Commissioner, Michelle Bachelet, in which she points out the alleged violations of human rights in the country, said the president of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), Diosdado Cabello.

The president of the Plenipotentiary Power that led the Great March of the Communal People, said that “imperialism once again defeated. Who is wrong? Mrs. Bachelet, What remains in evidence is that the world did not believe that Bachelet report, because they know it is a lie”.

The highest authority of the ANC stressed that the peoples of the world were not allowed to submit to the claims and threats of the United States government and the self-appointed Lima Group, which sought to curb the election of the South American nation in the body.

“Today the world turns its back on them. They went to the UN because they were going to leave Venezuela outside the Human Rights Council. The conspiracies of the Lima Group and what happened? The voices of worthy peoples rose and voted for Venezuela to be there”, said Cabello.

In addition, he condemned the silence of the international organization in the face of the aggressions against the peoples of Ecuador, Chile and Argentina, who manifest in rejection of the neoliberal measures imposed by their governments and which are repressed by the security forces, as well as the silence before the aggressions that are committed in Colombia, the murders of social leaders.

With 105 votes, Venezuela won a seat on the UN Human Rights Council on Thursday, along with Brazil, for the Latin America and the Caribbean region.

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