Venezuela and Russia continue to strengthen strategic alliances

A strategic meeting was held between the Executive Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, with the purpose of continuing to strengthen the alliances established between the two nations. The working meeting took place during the development of the 74th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), which is held in New York.

During the activity they talked about the need to strengthen the ties of cooperation and brotherhood that they have maintained for more than 20 years.

It should be noted that, thanks to world leaders, Supreme and Eternal Commander Hugo Chávez, and Vladimir Putin, the two nations are moving towards the consolidation of a new world geopolitics, a multipolar and multicenter world without hegemonies. In this sense, Venezuelan people consider Russia as one of their significant and fundamental allies in these times.

Recently, the head of state, Nicolás Maduro Moros, held a meeting with his Russian couple, Vladimir Putin, in the Kremlin, which he described as positive, after tracing new routes of bilateral cooperation between the two nations.

For his part, Vladimir Putín said that the Russian Federation ratifies its absolute support for the legitimate Government of Venezuela, chaired by Nicolás Maduro.

Recall that, with the arrival of the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution Hugo Chávez in 1999, the foundations of a new geopolitics is a reality; the vision of integration of its Bolivarian project crossed borders as it considered establishing bridges of brotherhood with countries that are powerful for the exchange of knowledge, economic growth and win-win alliances.

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