Social movements in Switzerland express support for Venezuela and reject unilateral coercive measures

In support to the Bolivarian Revolution and in rejection to the unilateral coercive measures, this Friday, the People’s Power Minister for Foreign Relations, Jorge Arreaza, participated in a solidarity meeting organized by various social movements in Switzerland in parallel to the 42nd session of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations Organization.

During the act, the Venezuelan diplomat exposed the line of attacks that the Venezuelan people have suffered including the imposition of these measures, as well as sabotage of public services, violations of air and maritime space, attempted assassination, attempted coups by States, execution of war acts and the intention of violating national sovereignty with the entry of a supposed “humanitarian aid”.

The Foreign Minister also denounced that as a consequence of the miscalled sanctions, the international financial system retains more than seven billion dollars from the Venezuelan State and loses more than twelve billion dollars with the kidnapped assets of Citgo, making it impossible to buy food and medicine.

He also rejected the illegal reactivation of the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (TIAR), which is invoked from the OAS by other countries in the region to develop a military intervention.

For her part, Olga Montoya, belonging to the Latin American Bloc, said that even though she is Colombian, she feels Venezuela as her own, rejects the warmongering positions of the Colombian government and supports the position of President Nicolás Maduro to protect the border.

“I lived the exile because of the Colombian government which instead of protecting its people is responsible for mistreating it. In Colombia it is the people who must protect themselves from the government (…) I support President Maduro’s decision to protect the Venezuelan border”.

The director of the International Electronic Bulletin ´El Chilito´, Hernán Ormeño, explained that the situation in Venezuela has shown absolute despair and weakening of the geopolitical and economic control of the United States in the world.

“We still can’t sing glory about the future, but thanks to the will of the peoples, there is resistance against imperialism, the oligarchies and their criminal policies”.

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