No More Trump! This Saturday becomes a world slogan

This Saturday, peoples of the world raise their voices in repudiation to the sanctions issued by the United States government, last Monday, August 5, where they block Venezuelan assets within their nation.

Under the slogan No More Trump! Venezuelans mobilized from Plaza Sucre, Catia to Ezequiel Zamora Park, better known as El Calvario, where they were received by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros.

The global protest is expected to allow the collection of millions of signatures in support of President Maduro’s constitutional mandate and in rejection of Donald Trump’s interventionist actions that seek to absorb the wealth of the Venezuelan people and subjugate their sovereignty.

Last Friday the head of state reiterated that the will of the peoples will be elevated to the Secretary General of the United Nations Organization (UN) and stressed that US imperialism will continue to fail in its attempt to cause a break in the revolutionary current.
“They do not understand that the Bolivarian Revolution is a force of truth, with legitimacy, leadership and our own project, we are not the product of marketing”, he said.

On the other hand, from Brazil, Namibia, Syria, Palestine, Dominican Republic, Berlin, Russia, Ethiopia, Angola, Italy, Hungary hundreds of people have joined this day in solidarity with Venezuela, which will continue in the coming days.

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