Delcy Rodríguez: We call the national union against the US blockade.

The Executive Vice-president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, called on the national union before the new coercive measures announced by the President of the United States (US), Donald Trump, who intends to formalize the economic, commercial and financial blockade against the Venezuelan people.

“I call on the national union, the productive forces of the country to guarantee the future, progress and development of the nation. That’s the only way. We must expand food sovereignty and security, together we will defeat these illicit aggressions by the United States government”, she said.

Rodriguez also indicated that the instruction of the Head of State, Nicolás Maduro, is to maintain the negotiating tables in favor of dialogue and political coexistence that takes place in Barbados with the national opposition, so that peaceful coexistence in the Homeland reigns.

On the other hand, she also noted that US measures are a threat to the private sector worldwide. “All countries that have assets in the United States should be concerned”.

In addition, the Executive Vice-president added that the blockade imposed on Venezuela is an act of mass rape in the field of human rights of all Venezuelans.

Finally, she repudiated the actions of the American empire, which must understand “that they are not the owners of the world”.

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