Fly high and blow strong Supreme Commander Hugo Chavez … and happy birthday

July 28 is a day to remember the passage through the Earth of that great, dreamy soul, committed to the most needy that was the supreme commander Hugo Chávez Frías.

He combined the attachment to study and respect for the most diverse trades, with the love of citizens traditionally excluded for economic, ethnic or social reasons.

Rivers of texts have been written with the testimonies of the beneficiaries of the programs he called social missions with which he returned his sight to the blind through the Miracle Mission; He taught the illiterate to read with the support of volunteer teachers and gave bread to the hungry in the feeding houses.

The Commander of Hope

Hugo Chávez Frías joined the Military Academy of Venezuela in 1971 and during his tenure at that institution he began to be interested in the political and social events of his country, becoming one of the founders, in 1982, of the Bolivarian Revolutionary Movement 200 (MBR200 ).

This military movement made up of the middle government has great importance in the contemporary history of Venezuela. Its ideological foundations are inspired by the thought of Liberator Simón Bolívar, in Simón Rodríguez and Ezequiel Zamora.

On February 4, 1992, these young officers of the MBR200 movement started a civic-military rebellion, which receives popular support as a vestige of discontent on February 27, 1989, when the Caracazo explodes, against neoliberal measures and corruption prevailing in the government of Carlos Andrés Pérez, leaving as a result more than 300 dead and missing people.

In the face of history, the defeat of February 4 becomes a triumph and returns hope to the Venezuelan people after forty years of disenchantment against neoliberal policies.

Because of his unprecedented model of government, where people are the subject and object of all their political concerns, where the people assume more and more prominence in the administration of resources, President Chavez’s leadership receives international recognition towards his work and his person.

Since last March 5, 2013, the Supreme Commander “flies high and blows strong” over his Homeland Venezuela and over the Great Homeland that he contributed to aggrandize. On that occasion, his daughter María Gabriela spoke those words and called him a “giant” and reiterated her love and admiration.

Now, riding in the wind he is close to all who love him, without safety rings. His figure now walks in the rain or in full sun, walks throughout Latin America and accompanies men of good in their struggles where they talk about emancipation and justice, homeland and sovereignty.

Happy birthday, Commander!


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