Mision Verdad’s report exposes Human Rights situation in Spain

Through his Twitter account, @jaarreaza, the People’s Power Minister for Foreign Relations, Jorge Arreaza, drew attention to the report of Misión Verdad, which exposes the human rights crisis that has been going on for decades in Spain, where Young Spaniards and immigrants have suffered torture, which has led to death in detention centers, this reality has been denounced repeatedly by the United Nations (UN).

“Revealing report of @Mision_Verdad with documented evidences by the UN on systematic torture in detention centers and custody in Spain. It reminds us of that instructive biblical parable that calls to care about the spike in one’s own eye”, said Foreign Minister Arreaza.

The message of the Venezuelan Foreign Minister refers to the position of the government of Spain, which has aligned itself against the Bolivarian Government, without stopping to look at the weakness of the Spanish institutions in the field of human rights.

Among the most recent cases of torture that have been reported in Spain is the death of a young Moroccan of 18 years in the center of minor Lands of Oria in Almeria, by necropsy, signs of asphyxia was detected, leaving in question the so-called “containment protocol” to which many detainees are subjected.

In 2002, the UN rapporteur for torture Theo Van Boven dealt with 110 investigation requests for abuses in Spain, only in that year. In his report Van Boven referred to practices outside the international standard by the government of this country. In 2008, the denunciations had persisted, for which Martin Scheinin, UN rapporteur, visited the country again. In his report, Scheinin asked the State to repeal the detainees’ methods of incommunicado detention, the use of forceful objects, mechanical immobilization, asphyxiation with bags and other humiliating practices.

These facts and the validity of Franco’s own practices in the current Spanish State are detailed in the report of Misión Verdad entitled “Systematic torture in Spain, a State policy?” (http://misionverdad.com/trama-global/torturas-espana).


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