Foreign Minister Arreaza: Bolton is a man stuck in the anachronistic Cold War

Last Tuesday, the Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, rejected the new interventionist statements issued by the US security adviser, John Bolton, about the situation of the South American country.

Through his Twitter account @jaarreaza, the Venezuelan minister noted that Bolton ignores the reality of Venezuela and that he is an individual who remains stuck in the times of the cold-war era.

“By absurd, false, fraudulent and perverse, we reject the statements of @AmbJohnBolton about Venezuela today. No wonder why he has failed in every step he has taken. He completely ignores the reality of the country. A man stuck in the anachronistic Cold War”, wrote the FM.

Bolton said to an American media that in Venezuela there is an “unstable situation” and that President Nicolás Maduro is surrounded by “scorpions”.

In response to Bolton’s comments, Minister Arreaza asserted that the scorpions that attack each other are in the Venezuelan opposition, so it is there where they should look for them. At the same time, he recommended to seek for a history advisory to be able to understand the current Latin American and Venezuelan context, this before the erroneous reading of the reality that the government of the White House constantly repeats.

“John Bolton welcomes the ancient Monroe doctrine of 200 years ago, does not understand that the free peoples of Our America are masters of their destiny, in the context of a multipolar world”, he said.

Similarly, the diplomat repudiated in a categorical way that the US official threatened Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela and that the latter should have terrorists and paramilitaries in its territory.

“The Security Adviser looks for terrorists and paramilitaries on the wrong side of the border with Colombia”, the Foreign Minister wrote.


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