Minister Simón Zerpa: Venezuela has spaces to advance its foreign trade

The People’s Power Minister of Economy and Finance, Simón Zerpa, highlighted the presence that Venezuela has had during its participation in the II International Cooperation Forum of the Strip and Road Initiative; He said that from this activity, Venezuela showed how it advances in foreign trade and public finances in a world different from the one the United States has tried to impose.

“Fortunately, Venezuela has working, and cooperation spaces, and therefore, it is very important to advance in its foreign trade and public finances; this has been an extraordinary experience for us and we have received the solidarity of all the countries that constitute an alternative to the hegemonic attitude of the United States”, said the head of Venezuela’s Economy and Finance portfolio.

During an interview with Prensa Latina, Minister Zerpa said that Venezuela is starting its steps in the relationship with the initiative of the Strip and the Road, and also is doing so with the Asian Infrastructure Bank, which is a base bank for the development of this proposal.

“We believe that all communication and infrastructure projects, and even oil development projects, will be taken into consideration by the member countries of the Strip; as a country with one of the most important oil reserves in the world, we can increase the port’s capacity for export to all the countries of the region that require our oil”.

Likewise, he explained that Venezuela, due to the strategic level it has with the People’s Republic of China, supports the foreign policy initiatives that the Asian country carries out, because they share the same principles about the relationship with the world, always with respect, and the strategic development.

“We have an Integral Strategic Partnership, which is a very high level relationship and was reached five years ago by President Nicolás Maduro, and President Xi Jinping in the understanding that our relations with China are a legacy of Commander Hugo Chávez” affirmed Zerpa.

In this way, the Minister of Economy and Finance, stated that the National Government is in permanent contact with all our political and commercial allies, defending the sovereignty of Venezuela and creating new routes to fulfill the needs of the people, carrying out the instructions of President Nicolás Maduro


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