Foreign Minister Arreaza repudiates colonial arrogance of the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom

On Friday, the Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, repudiated the interventionist statements of the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and of the Commonwealth of Nations of the United Kingdom, Jeremy Hunt, about the internal affairs of the country.

The reaction of the People’s Power Minister for Foreign Relations, through his Twitter account @jaarreaza, is generated after Hunt “recognized” as “interim president of Venezuela” the deputy of the National Assembly in contempt, Juan Guaidó, a character who self-proclaimed president on January 23 outside the National Constitution.

The Venezuelan diplomat emphasized that the pronouncements of the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom are “full of colonial arrogance, contrary to international law”.

“The most curious of this type of comments full of colonial arrogance, contrary to international law, is that they come from the spokesman of a country in which its people are the ones who urgently call for elections”, said the Foreign Minister.

It should be noted that the Bolivarian Government has on several occasions urged the British authorities to ponder their statements regarding Venezuela, and to privilege the traditional relations of respect that have prevailed between Caracas and London.


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