The United States Council for Peace expresses its unrestricted support for the Venezuelan people and the Bolivarian Revolution

Delegates of the American Council for Peace expressed their unrestricted support for the Venezuelan people and the Bolivarian Revolution after the attack perpetrated against the national electrical system that affected the country, being this action part of the interventionist agenda of the United States government that does not rule out “all the options” to attack Venezuela.

During a press conference offered by the members of the aforementioned organization at the headquarters of the People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations, in Caracas, the members of the World Peace Council, the United States Peace Council and the Canadian Congress for Peace, pointed out that after their visit to the Caribbean nation they will have as mission to show the American people the truth about the consequences that the unilateral sanctions have generated in the Venezuelan population.

In his speech, Gabriel Aguirre, Secretary of the Committee of International Solidarity and Struggle for Peace, emphasized that the delegation from the United States and Canada arrived in the country in the framework of an attack against Venezuela, which allowed them to know first hand, the ravages caused by the actions applied by US imperialism.

“These comrades have arrived in the framework of a deep attack against Venezuela’s national electricity system. In addition to expressing their solidarity with the people, they learned the causes and consequences of the different actions that our country has lived motivated by the unilateral measures of the US government whose objective is to intensify the escalation of aggression against the population”, said Aguirre.

Bahman Asad, who is a member of the Board of Directors and Secretary of Organization of the Peace Council of the United States, assured that he will return to his country “with the firm determination to represent the voices of the people of Venezuela”, this aiming to put an end to the false flags that they promote against the Caribbean nation.

At the same time, Asad added that they will continue to support the Venezuelans and President Nicolás Maduro and will become a platform to denounce and publicize the aggressions that are taking place against the South American country.

Ajamu Baraka, who in 2016 was postulated as the Green Party candidate for the US vice-presidency, indicated that the delegation maintains its commitment to Venezuela and its anti-war stance, which according to Baraka, is not aligned with the interventionist agenda that the United States intends to impose not only in Venezuela but in Latin America.

“The delegation comes at a time of great tension for the people of Venezuela motivated by an attack on the national electricity system, we live closely the process of destabilization that looms over Venezuela”, he said.

Meanwhile, the rest of the members of the American Council for Peace, formed by Gerry Condon, president of the National Veterans for Peace; Joe Lombardo, coordinating member of the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC); Miguel Figueroa, president of the Canadian Congress for Peace; Sara Flounders, co-director of the International Action Center; Kevin Zeese, co-director of Popular; Daniel Shea, president of the Veterans for Peace Chapter of Portland, Oregon; Margaret Flowers, member of the United States Congress of Pediatricians; Sarah Martin, a member of the Women Against Military Madness and Eva Bartlett, writer and rights activist with experience in Syria and the Gaza Strip, agreed to maintain their firm position to defend democracy and human rights from the aggressions of imperial powers.

Consejo Estadounidense por la Paz se pronuncia en respaldo a la Revolución Bolivariana


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