Bolivarian Government will deliver 20 thousand Clap boxes on the border with Colombia

The sectoral vice-president of Communication, Tourism and Culture, Jorge Rodríguez informed Monday from the Miraflores Palace that the Bolivarian Government will deliver a total of 20,000 boxes of the Local Supply and Production Committees (Clap) to the most vulnerable population residing in the City of Cúcuta, border with Venezuela.

“Cúcuta has one of the highest rates of inequality, 40 percent is in a situation of poverty and the president of Colombia does not care about that”, he warned.

Likewise, a day of free medical attention directed to the child population of that Colombian city will be deployed.

In the same way, Rodríguez announced that on Friday, February 22 and Saturday, February 23 a concert will be held at the Simón Bolívar International Bridge with national and foreign artists in support of the peace in Venezuela.

The event will be held under the motto For War Nothing (Para la Guerra Nada), which will raise a complaint against constant aggression from the United States Government and its foreign allies against the nation.

“There are so many Venezuelan artists and brothers from all over the world who want to participate with their songs and their poems in this message of love and solidarity, that we will dedicate two days to this immense concert on the Venezuelan border”, he said.

Finally, the Sectorial Vice President highlighted the support of the Venezuelan people with the foreigners who have been welcomed by Venezuela and stressed that “we are a people who received the Spaniards, Italians, who had been fleeing from hunger, from the civil war. We are a people that has welcomed South American sisters and brothers with open arms”.


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