Foreign Minister Arreaza denounces international media and agencies that enter the country without work permits

This Thursday, through his Twitter account, @jaarreaza, the Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza described as irresponsible the international media that send journalists to the country without accreditation.

Also, the FM pointed out that these media corporations act with premeditation when they fail to comply with the regulations of the Venezuelan law. “It is unprecedented and irresponsible for the media to send journalists without complying with the minimum prerequisites required by Venezuelan law, and then to create a media scandal to which their governments get added. Another facet of the media operation against the country”, Arreaza said.

Also, yesterday FM Arreaza condemned an irregular situation, which was presented with some foreign correspondents who entered the country without previously requesting work permits issued by the Venezuelan Consulates. He also denounced that these journalists tried to access the Miraflores Palace without proper accreditation.

“Some foreign journalists have entered the country irregularly without previously fulfilling the respective work permit application in our Consulates. Several have tried to access the Presidential Palace without accreditation”, said Arreaza.

Similarly, Arreaza noted that “in any country in the world, journalists can not self-assign accreditation. International Media and Agencies know that in order to avoid unnecessary inconveniences, they must carry out the necessary procedures in the Consulates”, he said.


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