Vice Minister Castillo: Circulation of false news has unleashed an infamous war against the Bolivarian Revolution

With the aim of dismantling the lies and harassment that international media have, the conference “Half truths and lies in the media war against Venezuela” was held on Wednesday at the Simón Bolívar Room, at the headquarters of the Foreign Ministry and chaired by the Vice Minister for International Communication of the People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations, William Castillo.

The Vice Minister assured that the false circulation of news, has unleashed a media war against the Bolivarian Revolution and the venezuelan people, negatively contributing to the increase of xenophobia, specifically in countries like Colombia and Peru, where the social indicators are outlined more unequal in Latin America.

“Colombia is the country with the highest rate of violence, social exclusion, political assassinations and killings in the region. It is unacceptable that some venezuelans idealize them as a way out, however it is the responsibility of some international media that promote lies”, said the vice minister.

Castillo also said that the media discourses of recent months have focused on distorting the reality of the migration situation that exists in Venezuela, and hurt venezuelans living in their countries, with alleged increases in criminal rates and consumption of public services.

He explained that a face-to-face study conducted by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) reveals more income of foreigners from Argentina; Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Colombia and Peru to Venezuela, that venezuelans in these nations.

He stressed that Venezuela only has a negative migratory balance in Mexico, Panama and the United States, where the incidence of migrants is greater, he pointed out that of every 100 venezuelans who enter Colombia, 40 are Colombian -Venezuelans, 52% only travels through commercial activities, the 17 % visit their family, 10% consider staying, and 20% represent round trips, therefore you can not contemplate as a migrant a venezuelan who travels and returns the same day.

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